Through the Breaking Glass -
A través del espejo

Genre: Fantasy/Drama
Directed, Written, and Produced by Iván Mena-Tinoco.
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Three stars fall from the sky and transform into the pieces of a broken mirror. Alice, already a woman, awakens in a wonderful land. She doesn't remember either her name or how she got there, for that matter.

Each piece of broken glass hides a secret: a solitary and rainy alley, a little girl in a hospital, and a creature born from the darkness.

Alice will have to unveil the mystery of the broken glass before 6
o'clock, when terrible things are bound to occur…

100 Artists from 15 countries were involved in the postproduction. We developed a virtual community where all artists share their craft and approaches to create and develop the film's final look where I reconceived Lewis Carroll'sCarroll's universe in a unique take on Alice'sAlice's adventures in Wonderland.


Full Film. 13 minutes